Los Angeles Law Space specializes in assisting you in the site selection, space planning, negotiation, construction buildout oversight and coordinate move in of law firm office space in Los Angeles. Our legal real estate experts are certain that we will pinpoint your ideal legal office space that is the best fit for your schedule and budget. We look out for your best interests because we only represent law firm tenants, never landlords. Our legal tenant reps will give you unbiased insight in the Los Angeles law firm office market. With our tenure of experience as well as regularly inventorying the entire legal office market, we have access to all on-and-off listings.

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There is a vast amount of law firm office space in Los Angeles that our legal real estate experts have access to. With the 40 plus courthouses located in Los Angeles, it is important that you are able to find law firm space that is in close proximity to file and try your case. Our legal real estate experts will help determine properties in close proximity to your clients and local courthouse. We will help secure the most competitive, commercial lease and work to guarantee the best lease terms and rate for your new space.

Our Los Angeles Law Firm Office team is ready to help you find the best office space in Los Angeles.

We specialize in:

  • Space planning
  • Site selection
  • Identifying space within your schedule and budget
  • Ensure you receive the best lease terms and rate
  • Negotiate the most competitive, commercial lease
  • Lease terms review
  • Oversee the construction build-out
  • Permit and approval overview
  • Value engineer based on your budget
  • Secure occupancy permit approval
  • Move you into your new space on schedule

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Our legal real estate experts always look out for your best interests. We only represent tenants, never landlords.This ensures that we avoid any potential conflicts of interest when we are negotiating a lease, in order to get you the best deal possible. We have worked with companies on a large spectrum from single stand alone office startups to national law firms. Contact us today and let the largest network of tenant representatives in North America assist you with your next law firm space!

Our Los Angeles law firm space locating and negotiation services are complementary.

We provide you:

  • Access to every listing and property, even off-market properties.
  • A complete list of buying or leasing possibilities within 24 hours.
  • One or more months of free rent per year, on most leases
  • The ability to negotiate 15-20% off listing asking price
  • Assistance in planning out your new space from start to finish