At Los Angeles Law Space, we provide real estate services to companies through the Los Angeles County area who are looking for law office space. We have a team of market experts who help your company identify properties which fit your specific needs. We also help negotiate legal spaces in Los Angeles County, helping you find the best possible term and rate for your practice. We do not work with landlords, choosing to work exclusively with tenants, helping us avoid any conflict of interest during negotiations. Best of all, our services are free of charge, since they are included as part of the lease.

We can help you no matter if you are looking to lease, sub-lease, purchase or sell your law office space. Our commercial real estate agents can help so you don’t have to deal with the complexities associated with the business of real estate, including:

  • Locating the ideal law space for you to lease or purchase
  • Negotiating a deal with the landlord or owner
  • Streamlining your transition into your new office to make it as efficient as possible

We have many years of experience working with law professionals, so we certainly appreciate and understand how busy your lives are. Our experience helps us understand the unique needs of your business, from infrastructure, parking, location, or even specific needs within specializations. Often, we find out about new properties and opening in the law space area before they even hit the market.

Without a tenant representative with experience in law spaces, you could spend countless valuable hours poring over real estate listings, making phone calls about listings, or visiting potential locations, all of which may not being about a result for you.

Los Angeles Law Space understands all of the small details of your business, as well as the law space needs that you have. We’ll do all of the grunt work for you, allowing you the time and space to focus on your clients and business, not real estate. Among our services:

  • Find possible facilities that will meet the needs of your legal office
  • Tour locations to help find the best possible space
  • Negotiate services for the purchase or lease of the space, getting you the best term and rate
  • Assist in re-negotiating a current lease, helping you take advantage of any changes in the marketplace
  • Property acquisition/disposition
  • Plans for your space, as well as consulting on how to best utilize it

We have over 1,500 listing in Los Angeles County in our database, which helps us perform detailed searches based on your criteria, helping you locate the best space for you. Among the criteria that we can search:

  • Location
  • Size
  • Parking
  • Distance from courthouses
  • Public transit access